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What’s new on Homey 2.1.0

  1. Book your reservation without registering or logging in. You can now reserve your places without even logging in, just enough to nab it before someone else does.
  2. Open Street Map for WP Admin, add new listing
  3. A Free number of listings for the host before buying packages.
  4. WooCommerce payment method for making listing feature
  5. One mandatory image while adding/editing listing media file
  6. User profile deletion from profile page

Welcome to Homey

Homey is a powerful booking platform that lets you run a residential or commercial rental business online with no hassle.

The user experience is important if you want to be an industry leader. Its modern design and ease of use is just the tip of the iceberg. A feature-rich theme options panel offers great functionality to customize your site and adapt it to your business model.

In addition to this, the functions of booking, payment, advanced search and booking management make Homey the most suitable solution for those users who want to offer their properties for rent.

Homey is multi languages ready, you can use Weglot plugin.

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General Features

  • Easy to use
  • Modern Designed and Customizable
  • Highly Scalable and Customizable
  • Drag and drop based
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Navigation Options
  • Header Options
  • Listing Page Options
  • Detail Page Options

Booking Features

  • Booking Forms
  • Booking Calendar
  • Instant Booking
  • Search Composer
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Custom Fields Builder
  • User Profiles

Listing Management

  • Management System
  • Front-end Submissions
  • Reservation Requests
  • Email Notifications
  • Booking Calendar
  • iCal Calendar Syncronize
  • Messaging System
  • Favourite Listings
  • User Profiles & Roles

Prices and Fees Management

  • Nightly Prices
  • Weekly Prices
  • Monthly Prices
  • Hourly Prices
  • Long-Term Prices
  • Weekend Prices
  • Custom Period Prices
  • Custom Service Fees
  • Custom Host Fees
  • Custom Booking Length
  • City Fee Options
  • Cleaning Costs
  • Security Deposit
  • Custom Taxes
  • Extra Guest Costs
  • Multi Currency


  • Woocommerce
  • PayPal Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • Invoices


Homey v2.1.1 – Released on 24th March 2022

[New] Elementor 3.6.0 and Elementor Pro latest version compatibility 
[New] Change distance search amounts (i.e 5-10 increments rather than 5,6,7,8,9,10km)
[New] Add a drop box to select different cancellation policies in add listing
[Fixed] On mobile version with per hour checkboxes for extra prices does not work.
[Fixed] Payments buttons were hidden on horizontal tablets
[Fixed] Manually booked dates was not correctly added into ical 
[Fixed] Currency change with a switcher to show currency in membership plans.
[Fixed] Search on taxonomy search results page
[Updated] Homey Core plugin

Homey v2.1.0 – Released on 9th December 2021

[New] Option to book reservation without register/login. Option can be enable in Theme Options → Reservation https://tppr.me/qfbW4
[New] Open Street Map for WP Admin, add new listing
[New] A Free number of listings for the host before buying packages.
[New] WooCommerce payment method for making listing feature
[New] one mandatory image while adding/editing listing media file
[New] user profile deletion from profile page
[Improved] Label should show according to listing booking mode for header properties slider
[Improved] Field of cancellation policy is too short
[Fixed] if press (-) to decrease the number of guests it doesn't work
[Fixed] On mark Paid invoice not generated.
[Fixed] Text string for login modal
[Fixed] Same day booking in per day booking mode
[Fixed] Double earning being added after PayPal payment
[Fixed] last listing on membership not editable
[Fixed] 7+ days and 30+ nights price issue for per day bookings
[Fixed] payment status for reservation according to invoice payment
[Fixed] check-in and checkout for dashboard reservation lists
[Updated] No reply address editable from homey options
[Updated] Homey Core plugin (update required)
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin 

Homey v2.0 – Released on 28 September 2021

[New] 2 new demos. https://demo11.gethomey.io and https://demo12.gethomey.io
[New] Per Day booking mode option. 
[New] Membership plugin for homey. https://favethemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4407343697300
[New] horizontal or vertical search style for homey elementor search widget? 
[New] New header type Elementor https://tppr.me/j8ntx
[Improved] Code with respect to performance.
[Improved] Metabox conditions according to template selection.
[Improved] Overall stylings
[Improved] Increased search in select picker using data tokens for non-English languages.
[Improved] On the new registrations email verify the link is sent.
[Improved] Reservation tablet view.
[Fixed] Availability label on listing detail page. 
[Fixed] invalid invoice link in Invoices menu using WordPress admin dashboard
[Fixed] the Previous date selected in spite of cross cursor in the booking form
[Fixed] Extra expense in upfront payment
[Fixed] open street maps not works on the mobile version.
[Fixed] banner vertical hourly radius was fixed
[Fixed] on detail page additional guest text off when the guest hide is active.
[Fixed] placehold.it is not secure anymore so converted to place-hold.it wth same results
[Fixed] earning stat after booking on request.
[Fixed] for listing detail page Yes and No label translation
[Fixed] invoice generation on off-site payment
[Fixed] on invoice print file name was being displayed
[Fixed] mapbox js and css file included if mapbox map is not selected
[Fixed] Open street map zoom value changeable
[Fixed] Google maps lat long default fields assiged.
[Fixed] on mobile reservation detail page Decline message box hidden
[Fixed] on mobile reservation detail page Cancel message box hidden
[Fixed] Admin email being sent to host
[Fixed] labels about dates in admin reservation listing and front-end invoice listing.
[Fixed] Testimonial carousel, columns setting not working, always display 4 columns - Elementor
[Fixed] Open street map zoom value

[Updated] Homey Core plugin
[Updated] Homey Login Register plugin
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin

Homey v1.6.6 – Released on 06 May 2021

[New] Converted all demo import for elementor, you elementor demos can import.
[New] Elementor Pro compatible for header, footer, 404, single post etc
[Fixed] Custom period pricing issue for 1st date and last date
[Fixed] v1.6.5 broke ICS format
[Fixed] map is not clickable due to z-index
[Fixed] Hourly booking form guest disable not working
[Fixed] Booking Form overlay mobile version issue
[Fixed] View cart button on the checkout page
[Fixed] Listing title as product title in woocommerce cart
[Fixed] extra discount not minus on reservation pending screen
[Fixed] radius based search on the listing type page
[Fixed] on the last step towards back validation got stuck on the current step.
[Fixed] IOS 14 calendar issue on mobiles
[Fixed] featured listing page error due to zero price 
[Fixed] without admin approval editing of listing
[Fixed] payout request for guest/renter
[Fixed] past day and booked day color in the calendar
[Fixed] wrong reviews for host after ten ratings
[Fixed] other host's listing on the page of the author after pressing load more button 
[Fixed] string added for translation "Horay! You received a new reservation. Confirm Availability." 
[Fixed] affiliate button on sidebar booking if contact form is selected and the listing has an affiliate link
[Fixed] Booked Hours booked in between check-in and check-out hours.
[Fixed] radius button does not hide on selecting show radius to No option.
[Fixed] start our and end hour do not append on search results item
[Improved] Overall CSS code
[Improved] Overall RTL code
[Update] New Reservation Sent email to renter 
[Update] sort button for messages
[Update] notification red dot alert for new bookings on booking menu link
[Updated] Homey Core Plugin
[Updated] Resolution Slider plugin 
[Updated] WP Bakery Plugin (it can be find in plugins folder in download package)

Homey v1.6.5 – Released on 16 February 2021

[fixed] undefined variables for grids shortcode
[fixed] New message notification to reciever instead of sender
[fixed] Paypal malformed request error after homey update 1.6.4
[fixed] Read More translation issue in homey-core plugin resolved
[fixed] listing slider widget error not showing listings
[fixed] listing card slider widget undefined index errors in WordPress admin dashboard
[fixed] video background image poster issue before playing video
[fixed] labeling issues, for night or nights according to booking number for reservation
[fixed] slider gallery with arrows, zoom option, autoplay and thumbnail options
[fixed] after woocommerce reservation payment renter not able to see reservation fixed
[fixed] not able to add custom prices issue
[fixed] new hourly reservation email notifiction to renter
[fixed] 7d+ and 30+ prices calculation issue
[fixed] date format dd.mm.yy incompaitable with search result page
[fixed] calendar disappear on mobile automatically
[fixed] show error messages on select box while add/edit listing page
[fixed] user link on reservation detail page is fixed
[fixed] default lattitude and longitude location
[fixed] clear button for dates on home page clears the location
[update] added woocommerce related webhook for instant hourly payment status changes
[update] search by listing ID in frontend dashboard listing page
[update] New Option in “What to display in the sidebar?” Contact Form To Guest and Booking To User option
[updated] WP Bakery and Slider Revolution plugins
[updated] Homey Core plugin
[updated] Homey login register plugin

Homey v1.6.4 – Released on 12 December 2020

[Fixed] WordPress 5.6 compatibility issues
[Fixed] File uploading issue
[Fixed] Homey Options CSS issue
[Fixed] Host document Verification email
[Improved] CSS Styling 
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin

Homey v1.6.3 – Released on 10 December 2020

[New] WordPress 5.6 Compatibility 
[updated] Email sending on add/edit listing to admin
[Updated] Map listing information jumps with Mapbox map like google
[Improved] Advanced Search Option
[improved] Listing booking is improved by remembering booking details for not logged in users
[Improved] Dates format now supports Czechia date format
[Fixed] Swipebox conflict with WordPress 5.6 update
[Fixed] WooCommerce email notification for Host
[Fixed] Video autoplay not working on safari
[Fixed] Image dimension validation check and error display while uploading
[Fixed] Removal of Google Plus (g+) deprecated icon
[Fixed] Email verification issue on the first login
[Fixed] Add/ Editing Labeling issue
[Fixed] Labels according to booking mode
[Fixed] Wallet wrong calculation for monthly and weekly bookings
[Fixed] text fill for price postfix while adding new listing
[Fixed] Word Press default profile to the homey profile page link
[Fixed] Google login, homey-login-register plugin update required.
[Fixed] warning messages on "New Listing" 
[Fixed] publish listing before approval
[Fixed] gallery close button toggles menu
[Fixed] loading icon stuck after search results showed
[Fixed] Currency separator and decimals issue
[Fixed] validation error on leave blank booking fields
[Note] Clear Cache after update

Homey v1.6.2 – Released on 26 August 2020

[Fixed] After price label in mobile 
[Fixed] Messages thread instant book
[Fixed] echoed attribute on listing detail page
[Fixed] Search filters checkbox active & inactive colors issues 
[Fixed] Search dropdown CSS alignment
[Fixed] Problem with affiliate link and footer
[Fixed] Some RTL CSS alignment
[Fixed] Radius search problem after WP 5.5
[Fixed] Price displays as free on listing detail page when booking mode per week or per month
[Improved] Validation error on editing draft listing 
[Improved] Open Streep Map auto-complete styling
[Fixed] email verification 

Homey v1.6.1 – Released on 15 August 2020

[New] Compatible with WordPress 5.5 
[Fixed] Mobile menu dashboard links
[Fixed] Messages thread not create with instant booking
[Improved] RTL CSS 
[Improved] Listing card layout spacing and title color

Homey v1.6.0 – Released on 12 August 2020

[New] WooCommerce Payment gateways (Guide http://help.gethomey.io/booking/how-to-use-woocommerce-payment-gateways/)
[New] Open Street Map
[New] MapBox
[New] Option to add an external affiliate booking link for listing.
[New] Monthly booking option
[New] Weekly booking option
[New] Ability to Nightly, Weekly, Monthly and Hourly listings in 1 website. 
[New] Added a filter for listings templates to show Monthly, Weekly, Hourly, Nighty Listings on specific page. 
[New] Added filter for WP Bakery and Elementor listings widgets to show listing by weekly, monthly, hourly, nightly.
[New] Auto show search according to listing types, for example if page ABC show hourly listings then search on that page will be also hourly, if page XYZ show Nightly, weekly listings that search on that page will also be nightly, weekly etc. 
[New] Banner vertical search radius option
[New] Additional guests in search  
[Fixed] No tax calculation for guests over capacity
[Fixed] Duplicate listings being created when click multi times on submit button
[Fixed] Reservation detail empty price 
[Fixed] Stripe 
[Fixed] PHP 7.4 issues
[Fixed] Extra expenses not working for hourly booking
[Fixed] Discount not working for hourly booking 
[Fixed] Dashboard Favorite Mobile translation issue
[Fixed] Click more options not working on mobile search.
[Fixed] Property detail popup RTL issue
[Fixed] Messages notification 
[Improved] Radius dropdown for searches
[Updated] Homey Core plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin

Homey v1.5.3 – Released on 5 June 2020

[Fixed] Security issues related messages. 
[Fixed] Security issues related Listings access
[Fixed] Security issues related reservation access 
[Fixed] Security issues related payouts 
[Fixed] Hourly booking show wrong title on compare page
[Fixed] Listing detail page map not work when add listing from frontend
[Fixed] Details word is hardcoded in wallet 
[Fixed] GDPR agreement not selectable in mobile.
[Fixed] invoice translation issue on mobile
[Fixed] Compare page showing the wrong price for hourly booking
[Fixed] Add more button in the Extra services is not translatable. Homey text domain missing
[Fixed] Spelling mistakes 
[Fixed] Problems inserting profile information from mobile phone​
[Fixed] Array warning on messages page
[Fixed] Calculate booking cost on page load
[Fixed] Translation
[Improve] HTML, PHP code
[Improved] Overall code quality
[Updated] Homey Core plugin
[Updated] Homey login register plugin
[Updated] WP Bakery plugin
[Updated] Revolution Slider plugin

Homey v1.5.2 – Released on 15 February 2020

[Fixed] Stripe upgrade to a featured listing
[Fixed] Print listing shows different details
[Fixed] Undesired pop up upon reservation
[Added] Listing and Reservation ID for Stripe payments
[Added] Login Popup for non-logged in users making an instant reservation
[Updated] Google login API
[Updated] Homey Core plugin
[Updated] Homey login register plugin

Homey v1.5.1 – Released on 30 January 2020

[Fixed] Mobile menu CSS for tablets
[Fixed] Radius search CSS on-page banner
[Fixed] Invoices search result count for host
[Fixed] Messaging Host with a host account BUG
[Updated] Homey core plugin
[Updated] bootstrap.min.css
[Updated] main.min.css

Homey v1.5.0 – Released on 28 January 2020

[New] Stripe new API supported SCA 
[New] Radius Search https://tppr.me/xhBaW
[New] Instant booking validation on same page. 
[New] Total earnings adjustment on booking cancellation
[New] Live search for city, area
[Fixed] Reviews pagination not show on listing detail page
[Fixed] Listings Ratings count not work when add manually reviews from admin panel
[Fixed] Profile verification not show right on print listing page
[Fixed] Save as Draft  2 listings created
[Fixed] Paying with PayPal does not change Calendar booking status from 'Pending' to 'Booked'
[Fixed] Reservation translation not work on mobile
[Fixed] Wallet show wrong calculations when discount or extra expenses applied 
[Fixed] Show/Hide map listing level settings not work
[Fixed] Email notification for messages
[Fixed] Bug with Photo upload process in process and click on set as featured
[Fixed] Hourly booking on mobile 
[Fixed] Host cannot make reservation is hourly booking
[Fixed] Extra Services not display when less then 2
[Fixed] Cancelled booking show mark as paid option
[Fixed] All admin to delete custom period for host listing
[Fixed] Another host can see the booked details of the other host.
[Fixed] Manually added review from admin not calculate ratings
[Fixed] Non-numeric value error for reservation
[Fixed] Breadcrumb 
[Fixed] Bugs with Invoice filters
[Fixed] Featured listings not expired
[Fixed] punctuation and backslash for emails content
[Fixed] Custom period prices labels translation
[Update] WP Bakery Plugin
[Updated] Homey Core plugin (required to update for stripe SCA)

Homey v1.4.2 – Released on 24 September 2019

[New] Off-site/Local payment 
[New] Allow host to book 
[New] Ability to delete property images if property is deleted by host in their frontend dashboard
[New] Reviews available only AFTER guest check-in
[Fixed] Total Earnings reset to zero after payout
[Fixed] Deleting Listing from Host dashboard does NOT delete images from library
[Fixed] 'Verified' Host when viewing as admin, and "Not Verified" for everyone else
[Fixed] Missing translation strings 
[Fixed] Undefined index notice on search result page
[Fixed] Admin can wrong username for new registered user
[Fixed] When book reservation from month 1st date then 1st date become unavailable 
[Fixed] Loading more properties grid view
[Fixed] Admin can't update other host listings calendar
[Fixed] Guests validation for instance booking
[Fixed] When booking start is on Monday, it show Monday as fully booked
[Fixed] Review email template format
[Fixed] Message Notification red dot not show on mobile nav
[Fixed] Payment adjustment email has a punctuation issue - apostrophes have a backslash before them 

Homey v1.4.1 – Released on August 27, 2019

[New] Option to disable Extra Services Prices 
[New] Reservation Mark as Paid option for host
[New] Reservation ID's in PayPal and Stripe transactions 
[New] Reservation ID for invoices 
[New] Option for host to Delete reservation and make dates available again for booking
[New] Option for host to Delete reserved periods and make dates available again for booking
[Fixed] Blank spaces when editing Draft property
[Fixed] Line break, formatting not work in textarea when add/edit property 
[Fixed] Listing page says Host Verified (even though they aren't)
[Fixed] When date format is dd-mm-yy can't select the check-out date in the next month. 
[Fixed] Weekend Pricing doesn't show proper label
[Fixed] Weekend Pricing doesn't show right price calculation 
[Fixed] Extra prices show when price ‘null’
[Fixed] Invoice print version was different then invoice 
[Fixed] Unable to login when on host profile page
[Fixed] Select a listing type label not changeable from theme options
[Fixed] Host total earnings problem after Manual Adjustment
[Fixed] 'Payout Request Admin' Email Template Issue, always show wrong payout link
[Fixed] Calendar booking issue ( reference ticket https://favethemes.ticksy.com/ticket/2113134)

Homey v.1.4.0 – Released on July 29, 2019

[New] Extra services prices for the booking form (https://demo01.gethomey.io/listing/beautiful-cove/)
[New] Number of additional guests allowed the option
[New] Save as draft listings on the frontend dashboard
[New] Now admin can manage all listings from front-end dashboard https://tppr.me/1yyiV
[New] Ability to add reviews for listings from admin panel
[New] Option to select number of months to show for calendars https://tppr.me/miZ8M
[New] Make host/guest profile verified based on email and document provided
[New] All listings access for admin in front-end dashboard
[New] Keyword search option for searches
[New] Listings amenities and facilities filter options for pages
[New] Add option to switch the time format from am/pm to the 24h time format?
[New] Option for enabling/disable listing for admin and host
[New] Host can see his pending listings and edit them too.
[New] Default latitude and longitude option for maps https://tppr.me/YZMQn
[New] Delete gallery images from media when listing delete
[Fixed] Warning with an empty string
[Fixed] Punctuation in Messages
[Fixed] Listing rating does not delete when review deleted
[Fixed] Map preloader position
[Fixed] Minor CSS fixed and improvments

Homey v.1.3.2 – Released on July 12, 2019

[Fixed] Instance booking not saved when add listings from frontend dashboard
[Fixed] User page (front end admin dashboard) accessible by guest
[Fixed]  Add Listing (front end host dashboard) accessible by guest
[Fixed] iCal feeds import
[Fixed] Overlapping issue on half map search
[Fixed] Header map load NY city by default
[Fixed] Maximum guests limit issue

Homey v. – Released on July 02, 2019

[Fixed] Front-end dashboard: Large empty space at top of page for Tabs = Features, Location, Bedrooms, Terms & rules, Calendar

Homey v.1.3.1 – Released on July 02, 2019

[New] Option to see guest profle for host
[New] Added new date format dd-mm-yy
[New] Option to disable wallet system
[New] Date format for custom periods 
[Fixed] Half map search number of guest search no work
[Fixed] Translation issue on dashboard listings in front-end
[Fixed] View details while booking not working on iPhone
[Fixed] Search show listings which set as unavailable 
[Fixed] Instance booking and gallery images not work when calendar disabled in hourly booking
[Fixed] Instance booking PayPal issue
[Fixed] Upload gallery images not work in Microsoft Edge
[Fixed] Bug in Search results page: there are empty spaces between listings in the search results page
[Fixed] Currency switcher stopped working in PHP 7.0 +
[Updated] Homey Core plugin
[Updated] Favethemes currency switcher plugin

Homey v.1.3.0 – Released on May. 31, 2019

[New] Wallet section: Allow your users registered as host to keep track of their earning history, withdraws and request payouts.
[New] Admin Frontend Dashboard: Keep the control of everything is happening on your website.
[New] Host Fee: Set up a fee for the host to pay to the website administrator when a reservation is paid.
[New] Super host badge: Promote your hosts to automatically display a badge on their listing and on their profile.
[New] ID verification: Let your Hosts and Guests to be verified with document ID upload.
[New] Guest message on the booking form: The guest can introduce himself to the host while sending the reservation request.
[New] Disable booked days:  Manage the calendar even better with the new option to disable booked dates for the calendar.
[New] Frontend guest profile: Each guest has a frontend profile page with all information and ratings.
[New] Reset Password: New custom page to let users to easily reset their password.
[New] Host and guest profile for admin:  Get full control of the information provided by your registered users on the admin dashboard panel.
[New] Booking form pre-filled fields: According to the user search, he will find the booking form pre-filled with his search criteria.
[New] Marker drag & drop: Set the location of your listing with drag & drop functionality while adding a new listing on the frontend.
[New] Cancel reservation option: The host can cancel a reservation and make dates available for further booking.
[New] Admin messages section: The website administrator can read all messages shared between the host and guest.
[New] Messages indicator: Every time you have a new or unread message and indication will display in the user menu.
[New] Currency switcher: Now you can place a new currency switcher widget on the footer and on the sidebar.
[New] Search options: Option to show search only for taxonomy pages.
[New] Elementor search: display the banner search using a new custom widget for Elementor page builder.
[New] Two ways reviews: After a completed reservation the host can review guest and guest can review host service.
[Fixed] Total Cost calculate not show on mobile while booking
[Fixed] Currency switcher not show on topbar right side
[Fixed] Minor CSS improvements
[Updated] WPBakery Visual Composer plugin
[Updated] Slider Revolution plugin
[Updated] Online documentation

Homey v.1.2.2 – Released on May. 6, 2019

[Fixed] iCal sync issues 
[Fixed] Print page content formatting
[Fixed] Instance booking stopped working and show required fields error
[Fixed] Request to book z-index issue on mobile without user loggedIn
[Fixed] Pins dragable in frontend header map and half map
[Fixed] Styling issues
[Improved] Mobile and iPad CSS & HTML

Homey v. – Released on Apr. 23, 2019

[Improved] Mobile and iPad CSS & HTML

Homey v. – Released on Apr. 22, 2019

[New] Option to block host, renter, etc wp-admin access http://take.ms/mr1Ur
[Fixed] half map listing disorder on bigger screens
[Fixed] Request to book and instance booking stopped working on mobile
[Fixed] 7 + nights discount was not working
[Fixed] Taxonomy pages warning when no result found
[Fixed] Location field open add new file window on entering when adding a property
[Fixed] After Updating the Features, it has the Features tab highlighted, not the Info area below that.
[Improved] Mobile and iPad CSS & HTML

Homey v.1.2.0 – Released on Apr. 19, 2019

[New] Hourly booking system
[New] iCal synchronize
[New] Option to change the date format for date picker and other site places http://take.ms/zwEJC
[New] Allowed the host to make days unavailable and then available
[New] When a listing doesn’t have any Amenities / Facilities checked -> front end section should be dynamically hidden
[New] Delete booked/pending dates when reservation deleted from admin panel.
[New] Manually mark listing as paid and book with email confirmation to host and renter. better for bank transfer
[New] Listing address in the info window
[New] Option to restrict google autocomplete for specific country http://take.ms/BhskW
[New] Added additional guests fee for calculating services fee.
[New] Auto open login/register while booking if user not logged in
[New] Option to replace homey custom forms with contact form 7 and gravity form
[New] After price label field for add listing
[New] Option to hide host public contact details http://take.ms/vwCrU
[New] Listing id in admin, front-end
[New] After login redirect option
[New] Match height script for grids
[Fixed] Gallery upload images not work in iPhone
[Fixed] Calendar not working on Android chrome
[Fixed] Hide min and max stay is empty
[Fixed] The calendar remains blocked out(pending) so no one can book the previously canceled dates.
[Fixed] When ‘Featured First’ is selected only featured listings are displayed
[Fixed] Disable video field not work
[Fixed] Check-in, check-out validation issue when adding a listing
[Fixed] Booking form does not show on iPad landscape
[Fixed] Booking calendar next/prev on mobile
[Fixed] Includes CSS fix and improvements 

Homey v.1.1.1 – Released on Mar. 20, 2019

[New] Permalinks management from admin panel. Screenshot http://take.ms/bK9jb (Required to update homey-core plugin)
[New] Country as one of the options for Location field. Screenshot http://take.ms/07t3F
[New] Option to hide/change price /, Screenshot http://take.ms/342bs
[new] Pagination for host listings on the host profile.
[New] Option to hide pets, adults, children on searches. Screenshot http://take.ms/2qvz0
[New] Option to hide guests filed for the booking form. Screenshot http://take.ms/4dHnd
[New] Enabled editor for custom text area field. Screenshot http://take.ms/8Z59k
[Fixed] Booking form does not show on iPad.
[Fixed] All Custom fields do not display in the back-end.
[Fixed] GDPR does not show on becoming host page.
[Fixed] Display wrong content on the print page.
[Fixed] Search under banner not show for the transparent header.
[Fixed] Google Autocomplete address does not update for preview for add/edit listing.
[Fixed] When uploading photos and if decide to delete all photos and then add all the same photos again,
duplicate error come.

Homey v.1.1.0 – Released on Mar. 11, 2019

[New] Elementor page builder, now all homey widgets are available for Elementor plugin
[New] Option to add state, city, area for the location search field. Screenshot http://take.ms/TCTSa
[New] Option to show Booking Form or Contact form on the listing level, now it can be select different for each listing. Screenshot http://take.ms/DFBNJ
[New] Dynamic icons option for the list, grid and card view.
[New] Header 4 for the splash page
[New] Hide search calendar when clicking on any part of the page outside the calendar.
[New] Homey CSV/XML importer add-on
[Fixed] There were some issues on mobile, Once you click on the photo at the room detail page, it does not close once you click on ‘X’ And it stuck there.

Homey v.1.0.0 – Released on Feb. 27, 2019

Initial release

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